Saturday, February 26, 2011

Camp Life with Terrier, 1916

Click for large version.

This picture comes from that period when the Fox Terrier was being rapidly wrecked by the show ring, and more and more ads in hunt publications were beginning to offer "Jack Russell terriers" for sale, in order to differentiate honest working dogs from their Kennel Club brethren.


seeker said...

Even from this angle, you can tell the dog has a head with a wide enough head to have a brain.

Unfortunately the ones I see today (Foxterriers of both types) seem to have gone the way of the rough collie. Not enough space between the eyes to tell a deer from a fox.

Just as an aside, I ran into a man in the feed store who is breeding Jacks to PitBulls to hunt hogs. Sounds good to me. Saw a Great Dane being used for that on TV the other night.

Debi and the TX JRTs.

Seahorse said...

There are already plenty of dogs who can hunt hogs. Sorry, but I cannot see the benefit of breeding Jack Russells to Pit Bulls.