Sunday, February 02, 2014

Two GOOD Budweiser Ads With Dogs

This 2012 ad from Budweiser not only features a rescue dog and excellent product placement (with a catch phrase!) it also plumps canine rescue on the ice chest at the end of the ad. Nice!

This ad is from a few years earlier and, once again we see excellent product placement and two "pure bred" dogs, one a border collie and the other a border terrier.

Compare these two ads for product placement and relevance to the new Budweiser Super Bowl ad which starts with a lie if those putative  "puppy adoption" dogs are actually sourced from a breeder (as it is now claimed  by some). 

Ironically, Budweiser (aka Anheuser Busch) is headquartered in Missouri, the number one puppy mill state in the country.  The company would not have to go very far to find real rescue dogs howling for attention, funding, and homes if they looked very close to home.  Hmmmmm.  There might be even be a good Super Bowl ad in there somewhere!  Imagine the Clydesdales pulling up with a wagon full of Budweiser-branded crates at a puppy mill rescue. Real puppy love?  Budweiser finding a real, and local, public cause to tie to their beer brand?  Imagine!

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